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Situated on the northeast coast of Corfu, this exquisite villa is masterfully designed on a steeply sloped plot, offering breathtaking panoramic sea views. The architectural design seamlessly integrates with the natural terrain, featuring four bedrooms, each with private en-suite bathrooms and direct access to outdoor spaces.


The owner's requirements for private bedrooms and expansive terraces have been meticulously met. The main building aligns with a southwest axis to optimize views, while the underground guesthouse and outdoor areas are thoughtfully positioned along the natural slope.


The villa's living room extends to a large terrace, and the ground floor bedrooms have direct access to the outdoors and a private pool. The attic is designed as a separate apartment suite, equipped with a Jacuzzi, walk-in closet, and access to a private upper terrace.


The guesthouse, strategically located below ground level, overlooks the larger shared swimming pool and a spacious garden, which also serves as an outdoor dining area for special occasions. The design combines adaptation to the natural terrain with sharp terrace lines, transforming the steep slope into a distinctive architectural feature that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

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