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Elysian Retreat Oia Santorini

Ten exclusive suites in harmony with nature

In Oia, Santorini, a new architectural gem emerges with respect for tradition and the natural beauty of the place. Elysian Retreat Hotel, built in 2023, combines high aesthetics and authenticity in an eternal space of harmony. The natural stepped relief served as inspiration for the creation of ten luxurious cave suites and a restaurant that blend into the environment, adopt local architecture, and offer a serene sense of temporary residence. The bioclimatic design of the complex is central to the architectural proposal, incorporating the use of natural materials with dominant stone-bearing masonry and wooden pergolas, natural lighting and ventilation through vertical passages, new energy-saving technologies with energy-efficient windows, advanced heating and cooling electromechanical systems, and collection and reuse of rainwater.

Each suite features a heated pool and a private courtyard characterized by staggered levels, sometimes dipping to offer absolute tranquility and privacy, and other times elevated to ensure unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea. The preservation of traditional vocabulary in contemporary design is expressed through geometric features and material textures. The outdoor reception area and the corridor leading to the suites enhance the desired sense of neighborhood. Attention to detail is also evident in the shaping of the surrounding space, with a circular arrangement inspired by the threshing floors of Santorini. Here, guests enjoy the sunset and the aura of the place. Dominant also is the earthy formation in the color of ash, isolating the view between the central pool and the suites. Peripherally, dry stone walls and paved paths allow guests to wander through the space, enjoying the densely vegetated environment with low vegetation, herbs, shrubs, and Mediterranean trees such as figs, mulberries, and ancient olive trees. Inside the rooms, the openings above the bed's headboard mimic the holes formed in the island's rocks, while vaulted ceilings, arches, and arched openings embrace the typical design form of the cave dwellings. The off-white color palette highlights the black volcanic stone of the untreated masonry, while the sea view always takes center stage. The furnishing with references to the art deco architectural movement and the washbasins made of polished marble add a simple charm.

With Elysian Retreat Hotel, architecture meets the natural beauty of Santorini, creating a space of elegant simplicity and discreet luxury. Here, the guest is immersed in a hospitality experience that embraces the past and showcases the future.

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